Best Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

The number of adblocker is increasing every day because generally, the ads are quick distracting and annoying. As a content producer, you need to keep track of the adblockers and make sure that you come up with your system to get through those.

Sites like Forbes uses anti adblockers to make sure that their ads are visible to the readers and if the adblocker is active the content will get locked, and it will not be displayed. And that makes sense because creating good quality content regularly is not easy, it needs a lot of research, skill and time and if your ads are not visible, your revenue will go down in the long run.

WordPress also offers you an easy option to make sure that the ads on your site are visible to the visitors who read your content. There are some amazing anti-adblocker plugins that you can use on your WordPress blog to make sure that your content is consumed by the users who are ready to see your ads.

Anti AdBlocker WordPress Plugins

AdBlock X

AdBlock X is a free WordPress plugin that offers you comprehensive anti-adblocker features. You can have a detailed idea about the unique visitors, returning visitors and page impressions with active ad blockers.

You can also have a detailed idea about the percentage of users who turn offs adblocker. You can have detailed statistics about the users, some adblockers and the reactions with graphical representation.

As the admin of the site, you will have the option to setup rules for visitors with Adblock and prompt them to whitelist your site. The plugin comes with a nice and easy interface to get the settings done and make sure it works perfectly.


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Adblock Notify

A simple and effective anti-adblocker WordPress plugin. It is good enough to detect the adblockers and show theme custom message that is set for you to request to allow your site to show the ads. This plugin is mobile friendly, and you can take the advantage of this plugin on any device type.

This plugin comes with it's dashboard where you can see the detailed statistics of how many users are using ad blockers, how many disabled them at your request, to make sure the plugin is working perfectly.

You get the option to custom code the plugin by adding your custom CSS to make sure that you can easily change the style of the plugin as per your requirement.


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Anti Adblock Adspaces

Another free anti-adblocker WordPress plugin that is quite effective. You may lose a lot of advertisers and revenue of you don't take care of increasing number of adblockers. To make sure that your site is good enough to handle the adblockers, this plugin will work perfectly.


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MailOptin can detect AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, uBlock Origin, and built-in browser ad blockers. When MailOptin detects one of these ad blockers, it allows you to either display alternative content or display a message that asks the visitor to disable their ad blocker before they continue.

This plugin also lets you add slide-in content and call-to-action buttons to your site, and it has many other features as well. MailOptin is very versatile!

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Ad Blocking Detector

This plugin will intelligently determine who is using adblocker in their system and make sure that they see another set of content to avoid blank space. This plugin offers you option to set two different type of content for one section, one for the users without adblockers and another with adblockers.


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Final Word

The above mentioned anti-adblocker plugins will work perfectly to make sure that you can identify the adblockers and make sure that your ads or your content are visible to those users as well. If you want to create custom solution and create an Anti AdBlock Plugin for WordPress, here is a nice article by SitePoint that describes the procedure to create your anti AdBlock plugin

Best Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins
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