Best Alternative Commenting Systems for WordPress

WordPress comes with it's own commenting system built in the core, but there are number of folks who likes to use alternative commenting system in their WordPress site.

The reason for considering alternate comment system could be different for each user, the default comment system of WordPress lacks many feature and it's not a very modern system as expected by users.

Also, there are number of high quality options that offers modern social features in the comment system and helps to filter spam to a huge extent. So, it reduces lot of your burden in terms of maintaining quality of the comment and enhancing user engagement.

Now-a-days, most of the prominent social networking sites like Facebook or Google+ offers their own commenting system that can be easily used in any WordPress site.

In this post we have collected the best alternative commenting systems for WordPress that you can use in your site to enhance the functionality related to comment system of your site.


Disqus is undoubtedly my first pick because it is one of the most widely used commenting systems for websites and it offers tons of high quality features to keep your users engaged.

It enables you to login by using number of options like your Facebook, Twitter, Google or the Disqus account. Other then the commenting system Disqus works like a social networking platform in itself and it can help you to get lot of traffic from the platform if you are active.

You can easily manage your site from the Disqus dashboard and can follow other users in the platform, comment on other articles and attract more users to your site.

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Facebook comes with their own official plugin for WordPress. Though there are number of other WordPress plugin for Facebook to bring in different functionality by integrating Facebook with WordPress, we will stick to the official plugin.

Not only comment, this official plugin helps you to integrate Facebook with WordPress by integrating different Facebook related functions with your WordPress site.

You can use the official Facebook Comments Box social plugin to enable Facebook comment system on your WordPress site.

The Facebook comment system makes it really easy for your user to comment on your site easily and it will help you to drive a lot of traffic back to your site from the popular social networking site.

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Facebook Comments

Comments Evolved for WordPress

This plugin was initially created to enable Google+ comment system on any WordPress site and later it has got extended to bring in other commenting systems such as Facebook, Disqus and default WordPress comment along with Google+.

So, as far as commenting system is concerned this plugin offers you number of options which can be used by the users as per their requirement.

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Comments Evolved for WordPress


Livefyre Comments is great alternative of WordPress commenting system that is used by some of the prominent websites like Mashable. This plugin will help you to create a community around your site and keep your users engaged.

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Livefyre Comments


wpDiscuz is a relatively new WordPress plugin that offers a nice alternative for the default WordPress commenting system.

It offers you a nice layout which is very elegant and professional. It also offers you comment rating system which an amazing addition to the whole comment system.

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Final Word

Comments are really important for any website because it helps you to keep your users engaged and it also helps you to get better ranking in Google search results because Google feels that if your post gets number of high quality comments that means your post is of good quality.

However, you need to make your sure that your comment system is well equipped to fight spam and offers easy and friendly option to your users.

I would personally recommend you to go for Disqus comment system as it will help you to get quality traffic along with providing you user friendly commenting interface.

Best Alternative Commenting Systems for WordPress
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  • erscampbell

    We’re throwing our hat in the ring with a new native WordPress commenting plugin (Epoch) that is realtime, cache friendly, and improves site performance. It’s free, too. Check it out at

    Here are some of the benefits of using Epoch:

    1. Both loading comments and submitting comments are incredibly fast. Way faster than Disqus. Faster than any comment system we’ve seen.
    2. For the first time someone can say this: running native WordPress commenting will actually increase your site performance.
    3. It is fully CDN and cache compatible.
    4. Commenting is realtime and updated without page refresh, all the while being incredibly gentle on the server.
    5. Epoch offers three ways to integrate with your theme.
    a. The first tries to continue using your existing comment template but giving you the performance gains.
    b. The second overrides your comment template but inherits typography and colors from your theme.
    c. The third totally replaces your comment template ala’ Disqus or Jetpack Comments.
    6. Since it uses native commenting it is completely private. No farming of user data. No profiling. Your data stays on your server.
    7. It’s compatible with dozens of other commenting plugins to add things like social login, toolbars, attachments, subscriptions…
    8. Epoch and Postmatic are integrated to play well together. For example when leaving a comment in Epoch, Postmatic can pop up an optin modal prompting the commenter to subscribe to new post notifications with just one more click.

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