10 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins to Increase Revenue

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make handsome money for online marketers and webmasters. As an affiliate marketer, you will probably be handing some products and services which may become quite difficult at times.

Affiliate marketing is the process to promote third party products or services to earn a commission. Through affiliate marketing, a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

We all know that email list is one of the most important factors which can increase your affiliate revenue, so you must use a good plugin to increase your email list.

We have already published the review of some of the best email opt-in plugin like Bloom from ElegantThemes and Thrive Leads from ThriveThemes. I'm sure these plugins will help you to increase your email subscription dramatically.

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In this post, we have collected some of the best affiliate marketing WordPress plugins which will make the process easy for you.

It is always good to use tools with proven track record and which are used by the pro marketers to make tons of money through affiliate marketing.

In this collection, we have tried to present tools from the top sources with an amazing track record, good quality support, and useful functionality.

Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin

Building an email list is undoubtedly the most important step for any online marketers, if you have a huge email list, you will surely earn lot more from your affiliate products.

To create an email list, you will need a top quality modern tool so that it becomes easier for your users to subscribe to your site and get a regular email update about the products and services you promote.

Bloom is one of the best email opt-in plugin created by popular ElegantThemes, we have already published a detailed review of Bloom plugin where you can find more details about the product and how it works.

Just to give you a little idea about the product, it offers you number of options in terms of placement of your subscription form and it also offers you great looking popup to get the users attention; it comes with amazing template designs to choose from; and it integrates perfectly with all the leading email marketing services.


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We all know that there is huge competition among the online marketers, SEMRush is the tools which will keep your update about your competitors and help you get more money by choosing the right keywords for your promotions.

SEMRush will keep you updated about the keywords which are being used by your competitors and how well those keywords are performing for them.

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Thrive Leads

Thrive leads is one of the best mailing list building plugins with a proven track record. This plugin will help you to increase your affiliate earning by creating an email list for your business.

We have written a detailed review of Thrive Leads where you can find more details about the product and how it works. It is one of the most widely used email opt-in plugin with comprehensive options to help you create an email list.

It offers you a number of opt-in types which are modern and placements are selected with well-analyzed data driven record.

Optin Templates

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WP Notification Bar

WordPress notification bars are really popular among the affiliate marketers because it offers an easy option to attract visitors attention to driving more traffic to any product to increase conversion.

Notification bars are especially effective in promoting special offers, if there is any discount offer for your visitors, then quality notification bar can play a very important role in making it a success.

We have already listed out some of the best notification bar plugins, this WP Notification Bar plugin from MyThemeShop is one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich notification bar plugin for WordPress.

This plugin offers you some options to use the bar according to your need; you can create unlimited notification bars with multiple notification types.

You can also style the bar as per your requirement; it offers you easy customization options and unlimited color options to make it look great.

WP Notification Bar Plugin

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Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Social sharing is probably the most important factor for the success of your online business these days because social sharing will not only bring in tons of traffic to your site, but it will help you to get better ranking in search results.

The social signal is one of the main search engine algorithm factors, and if your blog post gets a lot of social shares, then the probability of getting the first page rank in Google increases to a huge extent.

So, you must make it easy for the users to share your content and for that you will need a plugin like Monarch that offers you tons of features and modern design.

Monarch is one of the best products from ElegantThemes; it comes with some amazing features to increase your social sharing. It's a comprehensive social sharing plugin that offers you some designs for the sharing buttons and placement options.

It's a very easy to use a plugin that comes with powerful options panel to help you setup the plugin easily.

Read our review of Monarch plugin here.


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WP PRO Advertising System

A comprehensive ad management plugins for WordPress, WP Pro advertising offers you some amazing features that will help you to create a successful affiliate site and increase your revenue.

With this plugin, you can show category based ads, for example, if you have a category for WordPress themes you can show ads related to WordPress themes and that will increase the probability of conversion to a huge extent.

You can also schedule your ads so that the advertisement shows for a particular period, that will help you to manage the paid ads; so you don't have to manually remove the ad once the duration gets over.

This plugin offers you 18+ different display options; I'm sure the list is pretty extensive to increase your revenue. It's a premium plugin, so you will get a regular update and premium support as well.


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Pretty Link Pro

Cloaking your affiliate link is extremely important to maintain the quality of your site. Cloaking affiliate link means making the links look neat and beautiful; it's all about masking it to look pretty with your domain name so that search engine bots can’t figure out those links as affiliate links.

We have already listed out some of the best affiliate link cloaking plugins for WordPress which you can use for your site. This Pretty link pro plugin is one of the best premium option to make your affiliate links great and maintain top quality SEO for your site so that your posts get high ranking in search results.


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WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugins to add rich snippets; it provides some options to build rich snippets for your posts.

There are number of marketers who will promote same affiliate products, and if you want your post to stand out in search results you will have to use a good quality rich snippets plugin, the rich snippets will help you to show more details about the post in search result for example star rating which can dramatically increase the click through rate for your post.

This plugin offers you detailed and easy to use user interface so that you can customize the settings as per your requirement.


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Adsanity is an ad management plugin for WordPress; this plugin makes it easy to insert ads in any form into your site and help you make handsome revenue.

With this plugin, you can create and manage your ads as well as get detailed statistics about the performance of your ads so that you can do the necessary changes as required.

It comes with two widgets which will help you to show your ads, one widget for single ads and the other one is for ad groups.


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There are some other WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing which we will list here in the future. The above-mentioned plugins will help you to make the process easier and help you to earn more revenue from your affiliate products.

We have listed the top plugins for email list building, affiliate link cloaking, rich snippet which are the most critical elements as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. Hope, this list will help you to improve your business and earn more revenue from your site.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins to Increase Revenue
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