Bazar Shop Theme for WordPress: E-Retailing Simplified

E-commerce retailing is the new business trend in the market and the most component of this business is having a lucrative website with easy go navigation system as well. And, I guess to justify the customer’s faith; you ought to have a specialized theme.

Though, there are many options available today, but among all of them, I found this Bazar Shop theme a promising one, if you’re working on WordPress platform.


Bazar Shop Theme for WordPress: What’s in There?

The Bazar Shop Theme has a lot of useful and interesting features like different layout, smooth control, handy payment options, widget compatibility, various design options, design portfolios, fit-to-pocket price and much more to actually make you think seriously before buying any other theme. Here are the detailed features:

Sliders, Portfolios and Layouts

The Bazar Shop theme offers unlimited sliders for your website out of which 8 are responsive ones as well, namely Elastic, Flexi (basic and elegant), Piecemaker, Revolution, Awkward and Rotating sliders. There are also unlimited portfolios to select from which are featured with the 9 awesome layouts alongside video and audio gallery post formats.


Shortcodes and SEO Optimization

This latest Bazar shop theme is very compatible to the buttons, tabs, tables, widgets and slider by offering more than 300 shortcodes to keep the speed of website up all the time.

The shortcodes also works for product sliders like best sellers and the top rated with featured product, recent products and others as well. The working of the shortcode manager is also very simple as all the code will be added by just one click on the page!

Nevertheless, the SEO optimization for your website also gets done with this theme very effectively for the much needed marketing too.

On Page Presentation

The best thing which is offered by this Bazar Shop theme is the stooping features available for the live pages. There are many features to talk about and here are a few of them:

  • List and grid view for the products.
  • Megamenu option with featured image support.
  • Included popup menu for the offers and other information.
  • Customized widgets for better navigation.
  • Hassles free checkout pages with 2 options included.
  • Custom login page and maintenance mode plug-in availability.

What else is there to make a unanimous decision?

If someone is thinking over this option to use it on their website, then without any doubt, there must be more features. And guess what, the Bazar shop theme just fulfil that criteria with the following features:

  • 8 blog layouts with 2 layouts for each, service page and about page.
  • 4 testimonial page layouts.
  • Elaborated admin panel and sitemap page.
  • Differentiable FAQ page and customized error 404 page.
  • Unlimited sidebars and contact forms.
  • Video tutorials and 24*7 free support.
  • One time fit-to-pocket price of US $63.

Final Verdict

The e-commerce retailing is definitely a smart concept if managed properly. The owner of the business must get everything right to thrive and a perfect theme is just the essential beginning. Therefore, in my opinion, the Bazar Shop theme for WordPress is the best option available with tons of feature and effective price for both, rookies and experienced.

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Bazar Shop Theme for WordPress: E-Retailing Simplified
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