How to Backup WordPress Site Using cPanel

Process to backup WordPress site using cPanel provided by the hosting company, if you don't want to use any external tool by paying additional amount, this process is for you.

Taking backup of your site is undoubtedly one of the most important thing to do as a webmaster. Though many hosting companies do take automated backups, it is important to take backup at user end as well.

If you have gone through our list of must have WordPress plugins, we have mentioned a WordPress plugin called BackUpWordPress which is a really useful plugin to take backup of your site.

Hacking is the biggest threat to any website owner and if your site is vulnerable, you may lose all the hard work you have done in a matter of second. So, it is really important to backup WordPress site to avid any such problem.

Before we proceed with the process to backup WordPress site using cPanel, I would like the emphasis the importance of quality hosting provider which can reduce the security concern to a huge extent. And, managed hosting provider like WPEngine takes that pain away from you and they manage the backups on your behalf.

However, if your site is hosted on a shared hosting or even VPS hosting where the hosting provider doesn't take seriously, you must backup WordPress site to avoid any kind of hacking issue.

Now, the best part is, you can take regular backup of your WordPress files and database in a couple of minutes just by using the cPanel of your site. In this post, we will discuss the process to backup WordPress site using cPanel provided by your hosting company.

The process to take backup is quite simple and any newbie can effectively take backup of their site database with just a few clicks.

Take Database Backup Using cPanel

Generally, all the prominent web hosting providers offer cPanel to manage your site, install scripts, manage emails, take backup and do lot more. In this post we will stick to the process to taking backup using cPanel.

1. First, login to cPanel using the ID and the password

Backup WordPress site using cPanel

2. In the next step, go to the file section and select backup

Take backup in cPanel

3. Select download or generate full backup

A A full backup generally includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL databases, your email forwarders and filters.

Full backup in cPanel

4. Select home directory and the email if you want to get notified

In the next step, you have to select the home directory from the drop down and the email ID if you want to get notified about the backup of your WordPress site.

Select Backup Directory

Download The Backup Files in cPanel

Creating the backup was one part of the story and you must download the backup files so that you can store that in your custody.

You can download the files by using the file manager

Download backup from File Manager

Process to Backup WordPress Site Using cPanel Backup Wizard

Now if you don't want the entire files, you can use the backup wizard which provides you option to select the directory which you want to backup.

Go to Backup Wizard and select the directory which you want to backup.

cPanel Backup Wizard


It's really a matter of minutes to backup WordPress site using cPanel, but most of the users depend on the hosting provider. And sometimes when you need even the hosting provider may not have a backup of your site. So, it's only wise to backup your database regularly using the cPanel or any other tool of your choice.

How to Backup WordPress Site Using cPanel
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