ARMember Plugin Review: A Comprehensive Membership System

WordPress has grown over the years from just a blogging platform to a complete solution for all kinds of websites. Now you can use WordPress to create any website you wish to be it a simple personal blog or an eCommerce site.

Thanks to the wide range of WordPress themes & plugins, you can get your site ready within a couple of minutes. In this post, we will discuss ARMember membership plugin in detail and how it can help you to create a comprehensive membership site.

Creating a membership site can be a great business idea and earn a lot of money all you need is a system like ARMember which offers you all the features and options that you may require to create a complete membership site with premium plans.

Now, when we talk about the membership site, the core idea of your website can vary. For example, you can create a blog and lock content according to the plans you create; you can give access to your premium useful content only to the premium members.

And this design works perfectly for the product companies as well, if you can create a simple product that is useful for others you can offer that for free to increase the user base and allow the premium features only to the paid members.

Creating a membership program is one of the most profitable and underutilized monetization strategies on internet, it's always good to create different packages for your product or services and make them available depending on membership plans

This membership design is very popular on the forums; you can lock your forum depending on the plans you create with this fantastic membership plugin; this design can bring you a good amount of recurring revenue to your bank account every month.

So, let's have a look at the ARMember membership plugin which is a complete solution for the membership websites. We have checked the demo of the plugin and gone through each module to make sure if everything works properly as promised by the plugin developer.

Quick Overview of ARMember Features

  • Create unlimited plans with trial period
  • Hide content depending on plans
  • Multiple payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and more)
  • Periodic billing
  • Easy member management
  • Custom login & registration option
  • Social Networks login& registration option
  • Different member profile templates
  • Exclusive coupon management
  • Opt-in for email marketing
  • Built in modal form support
  • Badges and achievements
  • Navigation menu links for forms
  • Developer friendly API
  • Import Export Users & Settings
  • Captcha free anti-spam facility
  • Email notification with template
  • Woocommerce, bbPress & BuddyPress Compatibility
  • One click Plugin update
  • Professional support team
  • Translation ready

Getting Started With ARMember Plugin

ARMember plugin is straightforward and easy to start with, once you purchase the plugin you can download it from your Codecanyon download page and unzip the package. Login to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins > Add New and upload the plugin zip file.

Once you activate the plugin, just add the license code, and you are ready to go. The video below will guide you through the process.


Plugin Options Panel

Once the plugin is activated and ready, you will get the plugin options in the admin panel where you can set the plans, manage members, have a look at the payment history and other plugin options to manage everything properly.

ARMember Plugin Options


Plugin Dashboard

The dashboard of the plugin looks impressive with the quick glance of all the required statistics. You can have a look at the number of active members, inactive members, total members so that you can change your plans and strategy accordingly if required.

ARMember Dashboard

General Settings

The plugin is loaded with some options that will quickly set your membership site with the kind of settings you want. If you look at the general settings tab, you have some important options like hiding the WordPress admin bar from users, the email settings, default redirection rules, font settings as well as the option to add custom CSS code.

General Settings


Membership Levels

ARMember offers you a different level of membership options because depending on the age of your site, the popularity of your site you can change how you want to set up the membership level. For example, you have just started your site you will not find many members who would like to go for a paid membership.

In fact, this plugin offers you a great option to create an invite only membership setup which is great to kick start your site. You can invite few members who have got good social influence and allow them to use your site so that the word about your site goes out and as your site grows you can bring in different paid plans to your site.

The image below will explain all the different membership levels you can create with this plugin.

membership levels


Access Rules

As we are talking about a membership site, the access rules are very important. This plugin gives you the option to create different access rules depending on the packages you have created. If you wish to restrict some content only for the paid packages, you can easily get that done in the access rule tab.

You have the option to set permission for pages, posts, categories, menu, tags and all other custom post types at one place.

Access Rules

Ways To Restrict Content

This plugin gives you some different ways to restrict content on your site based on different parameters. The image below will give you an idea about all possible options to restrict your content for users.

content Restriction


Content Dripping

We have already seen the different level of content restriction above. Now, the dripping content feature will take this one level up. ARMember plugin comes with a fully functional powerful content drip module which will help you to reveal your content periodically.

The comprehensive drip module offers you the flexibility to set your dripping rules according to your need. You can click on the add new rule option and create a new rule, or you can edit any of the existing rules.

Content Drip

Also, you can specify the timing of your rule. If you want to make the rule live immediately, you can go for that option. There is an option to make the rule live after a certain time of subscription which is great because it is a good idea to show everything you have to a new member and then restrict.



Creating Forms

You will have complete form managed option in the plugin options panel where you can create different forms as required and make sure the process is smooth for your users. Your users don't need to have access to the WordPress admin panel to login or register because this plugin gives you the option to create custom forms for all those activities.

To create forms, go to manage form section and click on add new form button to select the kind of form you wish to create.

manage forms


There are some readily available templates that you can use to make the process even quicker, or you can create a completely new form as per your requirement. In the next step, you will get the drag-and-drop interface to choose the fields you would like to have on your form.

You also have amazing color scheme option to make sure that you have a form that perfectly blends with the color scheme of your theme.

form design


Front-End View of The Login & Registration Forms

There are some different login and registration form templates to choose from. All the templates are clean and impressive so that your site have a very professional feel, at the same time it is easier and quick for your users.

Beautiful Form Templates

Form Templates


Social Login Option

ARMember plugin offers you a free social login add-on, so if you want to enable the social login feature on your membership site, all you need to do is to activate the free add-on and make it even easier for you users to get started on your site.

Social Login Option


For example, if you want to make your users login by using their Facebook profile, you can set that up quite easily, and it will make things a lot easier for your users.

Social Login Option


Complete Login & Signup Options

When we talk about a membership site, the login & signup options are very important. ARMember plugin offers you comprehensive options to make sure that users have a smooth experience other than just great looking forms.

You will have complete control over the fields you want to have on your form, the design of the forms. All these forms are completely responsive and look great on all devices.

It also offers you a direct navigation menu popup option for the login form. That means, when a user clicks on the menu option to login on your site, it will open the form in a popup without redirecting users to any other page.

Inbuilt Antispam System

With this membership plugin, you will never have to use the ugly captcha to protect spam because it comes with a built-in mechanism to protect your site from spam which is a great feature.

Opt-In List

We all know that an email list is of paramount importance for any website because it helps you to get traffic on demand & you can promote products and earn good amount of revenue. And when it comes to the site with a membership-based design, the email list becomes even more important because it will help you to keep your users updated with special offers and all other details easily.

ARMember plugin offers you a smooth option to integrate opt-in email options like MailChimp, MyMail, Conststant contact, etc. so that users can opt-in to your email list while registering on your site.

Beautiful Profile Templates

The plugin offers you very attractive profile templates that will make your overall membership site look beautiful, and it will bring in very professional feel to your site.

member profile page


Creating & Managing Membership Plans

As we are talking about a membership plugin, the plan management system is very important because if you are not able to create different plans for your product or services the membership system doesn't make any sense.

ARMember plugin doesn't disappoint you in this regard; you have easy plan management option so that you can quickly create different plans on your site. To create new plans, you need to go to the manage plans tab & create new plans.

To make things quicker for you, the plugin offers you can option to inherit access rules from existing plans.

manage plans

Creating Premium Plans

Now, as you create a premium plan with payment; you have the choice to make the plan with infinite duration; that means once the user enrolls in that plan they will have access to your product or service forever, and you have another option to make the plan for certain days.

Premium Plans


Earn Recurring Revenue

You can also create a subscription based plan that will help you to earn recurring revenue from it. When you create a subscription based plan there is a few option you need to look at such as the billing cycle (you can define the number of days), you can offer a grace period once the subscription cycle ends.

The free trial period option is another very useful feature that will help you to offer a trail time to your users before they pay for the product.

Trail Period

Payment Gateways

The plugin has made it easier for the users to pay by using reliable payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout as well as bank transfer. Also, you can offer a discount coupon code to offer custom price to your users.

Membership Plans


WooCommerce Payment Gateways

ARMember works perfectly with the WooCommerce plugin which is the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress. You can take the advantage of WooCommerce payment gateways and allow users to use the option from more than 200 available choices.

Plan  + Payment + Coupon + Signup

ARMember plugin gives you the option to manage all these four options with a single shortcode. So, the process becomes very smooth and quick. The users will be able to choose the membership plan they want to go for, select the payment gateway, apply the coupon code and signup for the membership.

There is an option in the plugin admin menu called Configure Plan + Signup Page. The options are easy to understand, you just need to select the options as per your requirement and get the shortcode.

Configure Plan + Signup Page


Built-In Security Features

Now, this is one of the most important factors when you manage a membership based site. You need to make sure that your site is secure all the time and the best part id that ARMember plugin comes with built-in security options to protect your site.

As already mentioned above in the article, you don't have to use captcha to your login and registration form because the plugin has its' own security well-incorporated into the system to make sure the incoming gates are tightly secured.

You can hide or rename the WordPress admin panel. In fact, you don't need to allow access to the admin panel as you can manage everything on the front-end of the site. There are different restriction levels to make sure that your site is safe.


ARMember AddOns

ARMember plugin offers you some useful addons to make life even easier for you.

  • AffiliateWP: AffiliateWP is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to create your affiliate plan. With the help of this addon, you can allow your users to earn money by selling your paid plans.
  • AffiliatesPro: Similar to the plugin mentioned above with AffiliatesPro you can create affiliate plan and allow users to earn a commission.
  • Cornerstone: Cornerstone is a popular website builder plugin for WordPress. With this addon, you can integrate the ARMember shortcode in the page builder so that you process becomes even easier.
  • Mollie Payment Gateway: the name says it all, this addon will help you to enable payment through mobile phones as well. And it is a really important addon looking at the amount of traffic that comes through the mobile phones.
  • PagSeguro Payment Gateway: This addon will enable the payment option via PagSeguro gateway.
  • Direct Login: This addon will allow your users to login to the site without any username or password.
  • PayPal Pro: Another comprehensive payment gateway addon through Payflow Gateway, it will enable users to pay via debit and credit card payments, PayPal, PayPal Credit®, authorizations, captures, and credit voids.
  • Mautic: This add-on will allow you to add all users of your membership website into Mautic Contacts, who are registered using ARMember Registration Form.


Final Word

There are very few WordPress plugins which are so comprehensive, this plugin works as the lifeline of your membership site and offers you all the features that you may ever need to create a successful membership site.

The best part is that you have to manage just one plugin and it will handle everything from login, signup to managing payment and plans. If you use any other membership plugin, you will probably need many other plugins to handle different activities on your site.

ARMember plugin will cost you $32 which is well justified by the number of features you get with this plugin. I would highly recommend you to go for this plugin if you are planning to create a membership based WordPress site.

There is a limited time promotion going on, you can buy this amazing plugin only for $24 instead of $32 if you buy it now.

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ARMember Plugin Review: A Comprehensive Membership System
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