Admania: Excellent WordPress Theme to Increase Ads Revenue

Are you struggling to make a full-time income from Google Adsense or affiliate ads even though you are driving a high traffic to your WordPress site? Do you puzzle about the strategies to improve the CTR?
I hope that you have done several experiments by changing the ad placements but yet fighting to make decent revenue from the advertisements that you have placed on your website.

Do I guess correctly? If yes, you don’t need to worry anymore. And yes, I have an ideal solution for you!

I would suggest you choose the best ad optimized WordPress theme and you may check my consolidated list of ad-friendly themes for Adsense niche sites.

At this time, I had a nice opportunity to know about a recently launched design on the well-known marketplace for the themes, ThemeForest which is specially made for Adsense & Affiliate users to keep the ads at the rational points and boost the CTR.

This WordPress advertising theme has been named as “Admania” and now it is trending in sales. As the name reveals, it is the best ad ready WordPress theme that boasts exciting qualities.

Let me tell its salient features and hence you will be able to understand its performance and valor which would let you get it for your WordPress site.

Admania Adsense WordPress Theme – Quick Intro


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Admania is a clever ad optimized WordPress theme for the digital marketers and bloggers who would like to situate the ads at the intended spots on their site and raise the click-through rate. It is one of the lightweight templates that loads blazing fast.

Having 3 different layouts to create the homepage with unlimited color, fonts, and other combination possibilities is a notable quality of this Adsense theme for WordPress. Besides, its attractive slider and the featured section with easy customizability would nudge the audience to spend more time on the site.

Adsense compatibility is the highlight of this trendy template with which you can set up the ads in more than 15 different places without disrupting your visitors. If you get a chance to check the layouts of this WordPress Adsense theme on your smartphone, I’m sure that you will be amazed at its mobile responsiveness and distraction-free elements.

Remarkable Features of Admania Adsense Theme For WordPress


1. Ease of use

The simplicity and the accessible settings of this WordPress ad theme made me write this comprehensive review. Yes, it has a great ease of use with the quality of maximizing the click through rate without upsetting the readers.

Besides, the ad setting options are straightforward, and thus you don’t need to spend much time to do the desired customizations for your site.

Most of the settings of this theme have pressable “ON/OFF” button, and you may look at the obvious, confusion less backend background to set up everything!



2. Speed Optimization

As you know that the Google consider the loading speed of the site as one of the ranking factors, nowadays the theme designers are focusing much on the speed optimization.

The Admania WordPress theme is also perfectly optimized for speed and got excellent scores in the sites speed tests through Pingdom and GTMetrix.


Therefore, it is clear that the presence of slider and featured sections will not affect the site loading speed and hence your readers would never skip your content for site slowness. At the end of the day, you could lower the bounce rate and boost the CTR.

3. Ad Placing Options

Multiple Ad placing choice at the clickable points is the main highlight of Admania! Yes, it is a high CTR WordPress theme with the potential Ad fixing options at

1. Header (right & left)
2. Just below the Header
3. Sidebars (Floating ad option available)
4. After the Featured section
5. Below the Grid post section
6. Above the Footer section


Post Page

7. After the Post Title
8. Below the menu bar (3 different sizes)
9. In the middle of the content
10. After nth paragraph
11. End of the content
12. Below Newsletter subscription (2 square ads)
13. Right bottom sticky ad



4. Widgets Ready

Apart from the ad optimization, do you still want to add customizability to your WordPress theme? Here is an impressive choice for you in the form of widgets.

Certainly, it is easy to widgetize everywhere like Homepage, Sidebar, Footer, Pages and Posts of your theme. The Admania is the widget-ready theme for WordPress that allows you to manipulate the areas through widgets.

You just need to drag & drop the readymade widgets and make your site stand out from the crowd. Check the available widgets of Admania!



5. Other Highlights of Admania


a) Separate Ad Options For Post

You can have the full control of ads (where you want to display and not) in every blog post of your site. Check the following image for better understanding!



b) Front End Ad Live editor

Through the front end ad editor of this ad optimized WordPress theme, it is possible to include or modify the ads directly on the theme (not through the WordPress dashboard). Have a glance at the picture below.



c) Ad Inserting Formats

To insert the ads, you will be provided with the 3 different formats like HTML Ad code, Google Responsive Adsense code or Image link ad.



d) Get Rid of Ad on Particular pages/posts

It is more important to obey the Google Adsense policies to avoid getting the account banned. In some instance, you might not be wanted to display the ads on the specific page or post. In that case, you can remove the ads using category or post IDs.



e) Sticky Ad

To enhance the user engagement (without frustrating) the stick ad has been introduced in this best Adsense WordPress theme. It nicely popups at the right bottom and never distract the readers while reading the content as it will appear at the right bottom at the end of scrolling.



Bottom Lines

Earning from Adsense is not a piece of cake! Getting an ad optimized WordPress theme would improve the CTRClick To Tweet

I have been in the internet marketing field since 2009 and came across several grumbles from the bloggers and online publishers that they get only a few cents even they have a good number of page views on daily basis.

Low CTR and CPC is a common problem for most of the Adsense users! Do you also suffer from this concern? If yes, don’t worry!

I would say that it can be solved by the getting the ad ready WordPress theme and placing the ads at the strategic positions.

First, you should learn to balance between the content and advertisements and enhance the user experience as the Posters & Banners at the irrelevant places would rub up your audience in the wrong way.

Also, you should have it in mind that the FREE WordPress theme with ad spaces may lead to poor navigation preference and as a result, you would lose the loyal readers.

So, it is always better to use the premium WordPress template for Adsense that has precise codes and user-friendly settings.

I hope that you have recognized the features and customization choices of Admania to set up your site for displaying the ads at the apt places where you readers would like to click.

You will be able to do well with your ads related to Adsense or affiliate program and get more revenue from this best WordPress ad responsive theme.

So, are you ready to increase your click through rate by acquiring this ad optimized WordPress theme? Which WordPress theme are you using for your Adsense niche site?

Do you like the possibility of inserting the ads at a hell lot of places on your site with Admania? Leave your wonderful insights and Adsense experience in the comment section.

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Admania: Excellent WordPress Theme to Increase Ads Revenue
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