Adding Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site

Anyone who has been using a smartphone knows what push notifications are. Push notifications are clickable messages that are displayed on the user's desktop, browser or on any website. Reports have proved that push notifications are much more engaging than email marketing, messaging or any other forms of marketing strategies.

Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and many other popular sites are already using it. We have received tons of messages from our users and subscribers, inquiring if push notifications can be enabled in WordPress sites as well.

In today's article, I have, therefore, thought of telling you how you can do that. In the following section of the article, I will also touch upon 5 push notification WordPress Plugins that will make your task a lot simpler. So let's get started and see what exactly push notifications are and how it can help your business grow by converting your leads to loyal customers and happy subscribers.

Adding Push Notifications to WordPress Sites

Why add Web Push

For those of you who still do not know what exactly push notifications are, let me clarify it for you.

Push Notification is a popularly trending and a very effective market strategy that helps you keep your users engaged in your website by keeping them notified about every little update that you make on your site. Such notifications encourage your visitors to come back to your site again and check out your latest content.

In simple words, you can call them the alert messages that tell your visitors about the latest entries that you have just made to your blogs. And keeping your visitors in the loop is a sure way to stay ahead of the hundreds of blogs that deal with the same niche as yours.

How to add Web Push Notification

Adding Web Push Notification to your WordPress site is no rocket science. Anyone who has been using WordPress can do it. All you ned to do is look for plugins that allow you to send these notifications and add them to your WordPress site.

If you have installed a plugin before this task should not be very complicated. For all the novice, Here are the steps you need to follow.

Start by going to your WordPress Admin dashboard. Now click on Plugins>Add New. Now look for the plugin you want to install ( I have written about 5 plugins in the following section. You can type the name of any one of the ones I have mentioned below). When you make the search, the plugin will automatically appear.

Click on the Install Now option. Your plugin will now be downloaded and installed on your site. An activation link will appear on your screen. There you are. Click on this link and start using the plugin.

This method, however, is applicable only for the free plugins that are listed in the WordPress directory. You will have to follow another method if you choose to install a paid plugin.

For that, you have to first download the plugin from the source. This will be in a zip folder format. Then go to your admin area and click on Plugins>Add New. Now click on the upload plugin option that will be visible on the top of the page. Now click on the Choose File option and select the zip folder that you have already downloaded on your computer. Complete the task by clicking on to the Install Now button and then on the activation link.

Five awesome Plugins to add Web Push

In this section, I will tell you about 5 amazing Push Notification plugins. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. All the plugins below are packed with brilliant features.


This is one of the most brilliant plugins when it comes to sending push notifications to your followers. With this plugin you can easily notify your followers every time you publish a new post in your blog.

This is not based on the device your users are using. It does its work on every gadget, be it an iOS, an android or a desktop device. All you need to do is Sign up in Pushed and then request for a Developer account. You can do it here and here.

The plugin comes with brilliant support. So you can reach out to them every time you feel the need. This plugin is also available for free.

Pushed, WordPress Plugin

Push Notification for WordPress (Lite)

Notifying your followers about your latest updates was never this easy. With Push Notification for WordPress (Lite), you can immediately let your followers know about your new content, tempting them with the need to visit your site all over again.

It allows you to send your notifications to any device whether it's an android, iOS or Fire OS, directly from your WordPress site. Thanks to its inbuilt hub that skips the need of involving any third party server to send the notifications.

It also allows you to focus on building beautiful and unique apps, without developing your own server-side back-end.The best thing is you need no extra content to manage them. It is automatically taken from your WordPress site.

This plugin is a free one, so you can use the first installation method to have it on your site.

Push Notification for WordPress (Lite)

Pushover Notification

Pushover Notification allows you to send push notifications to your iOS and Android devices alike. When you use this plugin in conjunction with your WordPress blog or site in your Android or iOS device, you can remain updated about the activity that happens in your blog.

This is not the end. It does a lot more. From letting the author know about comments, to sending post notifications to registered and new users, pingback/trackback and more this is the ultimate plugin that will give you a satisfactory service.

It also supports the theme and plugin upgrades. You can also extend your push notification with the extensions available here.

Pushover, WordPress notifications

Push Monkey

Compatible with all major browsers, Push Monkey allows you to send notifications to your users desktop as soon as you publish new content on your site. This happens even if your user's browser or even computer is closed. The notifications pop up as soon as the computer is back to life.

You also have the liberty to filter your content and select the content about which you want your followers to be notified. You can even filter your content by custom post type and by category for standard posts.

You do not have to make changes to your setting every time. The notifications will be sent automatically as soon as the new post is published. It happens by default.

Push Monkey, WordPress plugins, push notification


This plugin allows you to send push notifications very easily and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile devices. Blimply does it by utilizing Urban Airship API. So if you want to use this plugin you should first have an Urban Airship account. You can signup for an Urban Airship account here.

The plugin comes with a handy dashboard widget and allows you to send pushes for posts, pages, custom post pages and so on. If your site targets mobile users only then this option is a great on for you.



So now you know how to add the Push Notification plugin to your site. I have also mentioned 5 fantastic plugins that you can use for the purpose. And now that you know about it, why wait for more? Install the plugin you best like and just get started.

I am sure you will be able to engage more visitors that you used to. Let me know about it in the comments below.

Adding Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site
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