How to Add Google Forms to WordPress

This article is all about Google Forms and how to add Google Forms to your WordPress website

The WordPress CMS has a countless number of plugins to help you insert submission forms into your website. These are necessary as you can get feedback from your users as well as opinions on how to improve the quality of your site.

Now before swimming through the vast array of plugins or reading different “top ten articles” on what is the best submission form plugin for WordPress, why not take a look at an offering from the software giant – Google.

Google Forms is a free and powerful solution to make submission forms but not as popular as the company's other apps like Docs or Sheets. Google Forms is quick, easy to use, collects information from your users through online forms and best of all; it can be integrated into your WordPress website.

All the results and submissions from your forms are readily accessible, and the information gets stored in your Google Drive, but you can download it too. By the way, to access the service you need to have a Google Drive account (or simply a Gmail account). Options are available to help you view the submission data in Sheets if you need to analyze it.

The service provides you with a very intuitive user interface to make your forms as well as multiple templates (all of which can be edited) to cover a wide variety of usage.

So, where is Google Forms?

Now as stated earlier, the app is not very popular, and the blame can go to Google for tucking away the service in such deep drop down menus. You won't come across the app though some advertisement or a highlighting while you're using Drive.

To access Google Forms you first need to enter your Google Drive and then click the NEW button located at the top-right of the screen. A drop down menu will appear which should have More. Go to More; then you will find Google Forms. Click it,

And Voila!


Using Google Forms

Once you are in the form editing page, everything is very easy to use and straightforward. You can start right away with adding new questions, formatting the questions, and making some questions highlighted as a required field.  The service has all regular form elements like questions, checkboxes, and even support for YouTube videos and images.

On the top menu, you will also be greeted with options to change the theme color, a preview option, settings, and Send. The settings will give you the ability to turn on multiple responses from a single user as well as security options that will require users to be logged in to submit a form. You can also tweak around with the submission confirmation message.



Publishing your Google Form

After you have created your form and satisfied with its appearance, the next thing you will want to do is click on that Send button that we talked about on the top menu.

From here you can share the form through emails, embed it into a webpage or directly collect a URL link for the form and share it in any way you like. You can also directly share the forms on Facebook, Google Plus as well as Twitter thanks to some conveniently placed button.

Now, here we are interested in getting the form onto your WordPress site and to do that we will need to copy the iframe code. The next thing is pasting and embedding the iframe code onto your WordPress site, but this often leads to some hiccups.

The formatting won't change to blend in with your site's ambiance as well as there will be some links tagged on that leads back to the main Google website. Now to resolve this problem, we have a handy little plugin.



Publishing With Google Forms WordPress Plugin

Though the default Google forms are good enough to use, you can use this plugin to make sure that you have complete control over the forms that you use on your site.

Each Google Form that is added to your WordPress site generates a shortcode. You can use the shortcode to insert the form into any one of you page or posts. But if you embed directly by google embed code it will also come up with their brand logo which doesn't look very professional.

This Google form plugin will resolve that issue by making sure that the forms look a part of your site, and the best part is that you can play around with the form color combination of the form to make sure that it blends perfectly with your site.

Other than the color combination, you have the option to change the height, width of the form. You can also play around with the border of the form with great looking shade. Overall, it brings in few nice options on the table to make sure that you have a very professional looking form.



The Form Submission Log

After you published your content, now it is time to head on over to the Form Submission Log option located on the plugin page. Apart from viewing all the form submissions, you can keep an eye on the submissions in real time i.e. you can watch as the users are filling up the forms and making edits.

You can also opt to get all the responses through Google Sheets. This will give you a much more filtered view of all the submissions and make the analysis process much more simpler.

More Info & Download Plugin


So this was Google Forms and how to incorporate them into your WordPress site. We all know how powerful Google Apps are and their reliability. On your course of searching for Submission Form Plugins, you can consider Google Forms just by its brand value.

And besides the service is very easy to use. The only drawback is it is inconvenient to find. Now as we are aware of where the app is located and how to use it, there is a doubt that you will face problems.

Overall, Google's offering in this department is hard to beat and if you are considering a simple, reliable and free solution for incorporating forms on your site then Google Forms is your best bet.

How to Add Google Forms to WordPress
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