Adbuff Review: An Effective AdSense Alternative Ad Network

In today’s fast, competitive world, what is the point of having a new business in the online space without people even knowing it?

Digital Advertising is the key element to market the brand, promote and spread the message of any organization and business nowadays. The recent trend of cashing on the audience worldwide via digital technology has now become an attractive capital market for many. A majority of companies in the cloud space now prefer online advertising to grow their online business and reach out to maximum people.

In this article, we will talk about; a well placed Digital Ad Network that you can use to monetize your site or you can register as an advertiser to drive quality traffic to maximize your business reach.


Nowadays, several companies are providing a huge platform for the online advertising. Adbuff is a well-known CPM and CPC based Ad Network that binds the publishers and advertisers firmly. It claims to be a great alternative to Google AdSense, Adcash,,, Conversant, Adblade and many other banner advertising networks.

What is Adbuff?

Adbuff is a Canada-based renowned advertising network with amazing payouts. It is a successful Ad Exchange Network for both mobile and web channels with many distinct features, capabilities, and expertise. Furthermore, it has significant experience in revenue optimization for publishers and advertisers. It involves CPM, CPC and CPA revenue models for publishers to earn money from their web properties.

Moreover, it collaborates with big names such as PulsePoint, Criteo, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and AOL. It uses the latest and best Ad Server Technology, which works favoring all the Advertisers and Publishers to yield them the maximum profit.


How to Start with Adbuff?

Many people cling on to Google AdSense and wait for the approval, which may or may not be accepted. The procedure to begin with Adbuff is less complicated, tedious and time taking. All you have to do is signup to their website. However, they follow guidelines for manual verification of the site. The checking is done to ensure your site abides by the optimum quality. Despite being a manual procedure, it is still swift and less rigid.

The Requirements

  • Minimum 2000 distinct visitors daily.
  • Minimum three months activation.
  • No copyright breakages.
  • Aims not only advertising.
  • No illegal promotion.
  • Excellent inbound links.

Adbuff Publisher


Adbuff Features

  • Prompt and Apt Payments: The finances are the most crucial factor. Adbuff uses the NET 45 basis for the payment. In this system, the person receives the payment exactly after 45 days. The network always manages to pay timely and live up to the expectations of individuals.
  • Several Transaction Modes: It is vital to ensure the comfort and feasibility of the users. To offer the most benefit to the publishers, various methods of payment namely Payoneer, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfer exist. The base settlement is $100 via both PayPal and Payoneer while for Wire transfer it is $500.
  • Technology: The technical scope of such a network should be reliable enough for the investors. This Ad Network depends on the latest and innovative technology. The Ad Widgets integrate seamlessly and straight. It provides easy customization of the widgets for the publisher.
  • Fraud Prevention: In such a scenario, it becomes mandatory to prevent false and fake clicks and impressions. Adbuff uses all the essential and recent detection systems to ensure the safety and legitimacy of the advertisers. Moreover, it firmly prohibits the publishers from clicking their ads.
  • Real-time Reporting Dashboard: The publishers are equipped with the capability to track their performance and revenue with the real-time system of notification. Since the stats update every second, you can get quick access to your statistics live to make immediate and wise decisions in real time.
  • Dedicated Account Support: The network assigns each publisher a dedicated personal account manager to instruct through the workflow. These managers review the publisher’s ads and assist them the areas to optimize their payouts.
  • User-friendly Technical Support: The staff assistance when stuck is another vital point. Adbuff provides people who have excellent knowledge and are friendly. They are always ready to serve and help in every query about your site. They also assist in the financial methods and issues.
  • Intensive Reports: Apart from the real-time dashboard, one can also access comprehensive reports. You can get this under the Publisher panel after signing in to your account.
  • High Fill Rates: It outstandingly surpasses the other Ad Networks such as PopCash, Adsterra, PopAds in fill rates. It offers higher fill rates.
  • Clean Ads: Another positive aspect of AdBuff is the clean and crisp code with no dangling or unnecessary pop-ups, malicious download links, and other such issues.
  • Bonus: Adbuff offers $25 signing up bonus. Besides, it also provides a weekly bonus to the customers.

Few Points You Need to Know

  • Net 45 Payment Method: Many publishers seem unhappy with the payment plan. The monetary asset is crucial to make other investments. The Net 45 days policy out passes a month, which disappoints many.
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement: There is a strict restriction on the traffic norm. It means any publisher achieving little traffic to the site cannot join and get approval in this network. The minimum traffic requirement is set to 2000. The 2000 unique visitors need to pop daily.
  • Payout Threshold: The minimum monetary payout threshold is comparatively higher than other Ad Networks. The payout is $100 for Paypal and Payoneer while $500 for Wire Transfer, relatively rigid for many people.

The Takeaway

Adbuff serves as an excellent alternative to Google AdSense and other premium advertising models with envious capability, functionality, and reliability. This CPM, CPA, and CPC based Ad Network.

As a site owner, an app owner or simply a blogger, it provides excellent revenue generation opportunity to make quick money if you fulfill the basic requirements of the system. With least requirements, this system collaborates the needs of both Publishers and Advertisers.

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Adbuff Review: An Effective AdSense Alternative Ad Network
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