A Small Orange Hosting Review: 20% Discount Coupon

A comprehensive review of A Small Orange hosting services and you get a 20% discount with our like and a free domain name for your site, so read this review and get started with your new website using A Small Orange.

The craze of making websites and personal blogs seems to be ever increasing these days. Almost all of the major business companies have started to promote themselves and share their details on their very own website.

Other than business companies and businesspersons, common people also seem to be falling in love with blogging. People are using blogs and websites as a diary or for sharing what so ever content they like or want to share.

However, still there are many people who think making a website or blog is an arduous task to do. They think it is a very hard task to come up with a website or blog, but the truth is that making a website is now easier than ever before. All you need is a domain, a hosting service and a little creativity.

Once you have decided to come up with a website, the next step is to choose a hosting service provider which is, in fact, one of the most important steps in making of a blog. There are a lot of hosting service providers on the web these days and one among these is ‘A Small Orange’. Today, I am going to write a review of A Small Orange so that you can know whether the product is worth your money or not.

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A Small Orange Hosting Review

A Small Orange Hosting

A Small Orange has been in the hosting business for a long time now. A Small Orange managed to get early success with the passion of their team and their efforts. The web hosting company is widely known for taking good care of its customers and offering comparatively low rates than other hosting service providers.

But still you must be wondering that what makes A Small Orange so special that it is one of the most popular and trusted hosting service providers? Well, the answer is here, have a look at some of the major advantages of buying A Small Orange hosting:

Advantages of Buying A Small Orange Hosting

I have been using A Small Orange hosting for a couple of years now and I have discovered a lot of good things about choosing A Small Orange as my hosting. Now I would like to share these advantages of A Small Orange Hosting with you.

  • Free Domain

A Small Orange provides its users a free domain name with every shared hosting except for the cheapest plan. A free domain will save at least $15/year which you can use for your other expenditures. Not to forget that how convenient it is to have domain and web hosting of the same company.

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

A Small Orange offers unlimited Email Addresses to its users with each domain name which means users can create unlimited business emails for their website and can be associated to each and every person working on the website.

  • Every type of Hosting Services

A Small Orange offers all types of hosting to their users including VPS, Shared and dedicated. However, shared hosting is sufficient for most people’s needs but still those who are willing to pay a little extra can go for VPS hosting and enjoy the smooth experience of A Small Orange. In addition to all these hosting services, A Small Orange offers Reseller Hosting for those who are willing to try their luck in the web hosting business.

  • User-Friendly cPanel Interface

A Small Orange sports a convenient and user-friendly cPanel. The cPanel of A Small Orange offers a lot of amazing web applications which can be used to create anything from blogs to forums to calendar sites and so on. You will explore the depths of it once you give A Small Orange a try and use its cPanel for yourself.

  • Excellent Customer Support

The support team of A Small Orange is one of the best customer support teams and is ever ready to help the customers of A Small Orange. They will look into your problems and try to solve them as soon as possible. The customer support team is available 24/7 on the phone and ready for live chat.

So, these were some of the major advantages of A Small Orange which I felt like sharing with you. However, every good thing has a little bad part hidden in it. Yes, you go the right idea. Apart from these advantages, I came across a few disadvantages of A Small Orange web hosting.

Disadvantages of Buying A Small Orange Hosting

Up above, we talked about the advantages of buying A Small Orange as your hosting service provider and as I said every good thing has a little part hidden in it, so does A Small Orange. Let us have a look at the disadvantages of buying A Small Orange:

  • Limited Bandwidth

Unlike many other hosting service providers, A Small Orange doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth. The hosting company doesn’t provide its users unlimited bandwidth. If you exceed 25GB on ASO’s shared hosting plan then you will have to buy yourself a VPS hosting.

  • Limited Disk Space

Another con of A Small Orange web hosting is that it offers limited disk space to their users, which is certainly a turn off for most people as other web hosting companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth in this price range.

Final Words

So, here was an honest and purely experience based review of A Small Orange web hosting by me. Overall, A Small Orange is a great web hosting service provider and is doing a very good job from a very long time now.

If you are looking for a web hosting which is honest and provides promised features then you should go for A Small Orange but if you plan on to do something on a very big scale then you should go for a hosting service with unlimited features. For simple and common needs and if you are looking for an affordable web hosting provider then you should definitely give A Small Orange a try.

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A Small Orange Hosting Review: 20% Discount Coupon
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