5 Tips & Shortcodes That Are Sure To Optimize Your Online WordPress Portfolio!

Picture this scenario. You have an approaching job interview and you’re scanning through your typewritten résumé for the 25th time, making sure every detail not only demonstrates your professional experience but personality and enthusiasm. Let’s admit it, though; eventually, we all give a small sigh as we realize that this measly piece of paper doesn’t hold a candle to what we’re actually capable of. More than just the bullet points of your chronological life, you also want to be able to showcase your skills, talents, and problem-solving skills in a way that sets your name apart from the rest, right? Of course!

Well, truth be told, it’s becoming increasingly common for opportunity seekers to create online portfolios for this exact reason. Many have realized that creating an online portfolio is the best way to fully show potential clients and employers what they’re made of.

We’ve heard from our customers time and time again of the impact having an online portfolio had on their ability to personally brand themselves and network. That is precisely why we’ve made sure our themes come locked and loaded with features and tools to create online portfolios for a variety of professions. We’ve reviewed online portfolio best and worst practices to ensure that we help our users showcase themselves in a dynamic and original way.

Take out a paper and pen folks, because we’re going to take you through exactly how to create the perfect online portfolio to help you blow the competition out of the water.

First Things First – Know Your Objective

Before you start building, you need to work out what it is you want to achieve from your portfolio. Do you want to impress a potential employer into giving you a new job? Do you want to win new clients? Do you want to increase sales? Or do you want to improve your brand exposure?

It’s important to consider what the objective of your portfolio is. That way, when you start to build it you will have a clear idea of what you want to display.

What to consider:

  • Which talents and skills do you want to display?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your best works?
  • How can you best display your methodology and approach to your work?

Show them what you want to do

Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to exclude works you feel you’ve put so much time into; each project has your efforts embedded in it and you may feel hard-pressed to leave certain things out. Now if you have a diverse collection of projects, it is especially important for you to consider again your audience and then choose only the works that portray what you want to do! This will naturally guide them to consider you for specific roles and opportunities.

Alternatively, if you are aiming to demonstrate your versatility, including the best of different types of previous works, will drive home the point that your skillset is spread across a wide range of sectors. Try to not give into the temptation to cram all your works into your portfolio. No one has time to sift through the first play you wrote in college or the dodgy photograph you took when you were first learning how to use your camera. Only display the best work you’ve done.

Remember, your objective is to let your talent do the talking! You’ve got to give your potential clients or employers a reason to choose you over everyone else out there. If you have a hard time choosing what to include, ask your family or peers to help choose for you!

The great thing about the portfolio feature in WordPress is that you can easily add visual impact in digestible chunks by including photographs, pictures, screenshots, videos and text, all specifically designed to depict your personality (so much more interesting than a few bullet points on a C.V.!).

Additionally, you can also include previous client testimonials, milestones you’ve reached, and that all important contact form. After all, there’s no point in going to all that work of displaying your wares if no one can contact you.

5 Shortcodes To Perfectly Showcase Your Work

So you’ve decided on your objective and what you actually want to showcase. What next? Well, now you have to create the portfolio within your website. Don’t worry though, it’s really easy. Here are some tips about the kind of shortcodes you can use to create a portfolio to die for.

1. Portfolio

The Portfolio shortcode is perhaps the best one to start with. It’s a simple, straightforward display which allows you to individually showcase all of your works at a glance. You can choose from dozens of different styles by clicking on the ‘Works’ tab of our Main Demo Site.

With this shortcode, you have the option to display your content in a variety of formats from classic and masonry, to single or grid format.

Online WordPress Portfolio

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2. Category Showcase

Do you have a variety of skill sets and therefore a number of different works you need to showcase? If that’s the case, the Category Showcase shortcode is going to be perfect for you.

You can split your portfolio into different categories for each genre or sector you work within. For example, if you are a web developer but also write copy, you can set a different category for each skill and potential clients can instantly find the information most relevant to them.

The Category Showcase is a great way of displaying your versatility in an organized and visually attractive way.

Online WordPress Portfolio

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3. Portfolio Carousel

For the ultimate visual impact, add the Portfolio Carousel to display your works individually. The constantly moving slider effect is visually stimulating and invites users to click on each work to find out more.

Although you can display unlimited carousel sliders per page, remember to be selective about how many and which works you decide to display.

Another good use of the carousel is that you can also use it to display your previous clients in a never ending parade of dazzling imagery. You can even add the logos, testimonials, and pictures of your previous clients which will reinforce your credibility within your professional sector.

Online WordPress Portfolio

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4. Photo Album

If you’re an artist or photographer, or even if you just want to display pictures of what you do best, a visually stunning photo album is a fantastic way to immediately connect the viewer. Pictures can hook viewers emotionally and the Photo Album shortcode allows you organize your photos in a visually appealing way.

Online WordPress Portfolio

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5. Theater Slider

If you have video content you wish to display then the Theater Slider is a fully responsive video player that will definitely lure in visitors. It shows a video, whether self-hosted or from social media, as though it is inside a computer monitor or laptop. The graphics on the video frame are sleek and stylish and will draw the user’s focus on to the video being shown. It’s a wonderful high impact way to deliver your content.

Online WordPress Portfolio

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Wait, There’s More? A Call To Action!

Of course, there’s more!

The five shortcodes mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other shortcodes you can use to display your portfolio.

For example, a Contact Form is incredibly important to add as a call to action. Once they’ve seen your incredible work they’ll be eager to get in contact. There are many styles and designs to choose from to give you the chance to connect with your potential clients or employer.

You can also add a video to the background of your page (using Page Section shortcode) so that the viewer can watch it as they scroll through your site. This is a great way to engage your prospective client or employer in a unique and memorable way.

And if you want to go one step further and encourage people to buy your products or services, you can also add a product loop to your portfolio. The Product Loop displays higher quality images as well as any associated prices and promotions coupled with an intuitive and fast-loading shopping experience powered by WooCommerce, you can reduce the chance of abandoned cart rates and increase your sales.

Finally, there’s a great shortcode that allows you to display your accomplishments and experience in a creative, eye-catching way. By using the Milestones shortcode, you can present the quantifiable statistics of your professional life which will validate your competence in a visually appealing display.

Throw Away Your Traditional C.V.! (Just Kidding)

If you really want to put your best foot forward and give potential clients or employers a reason to choose you, then you have to leave them with a memorable first impression that clearly communicates the intentions you have to contribute to a team.

You are your brand. The best way to promote that brand is by highlighting the different sides of you, demonstrating your skills and talents.

We’re not actually suggesting you throw away your C.V., but as you can see, a beautifully presented online portfolio might just be the clincher to set you aside from the rest of the crowd. It allows potential clients to see what it is that makes you…you. It also demonstrates to recruiters and prospective collaborators alike your sense of initiative, originality, assertiveness, and versatility.

Let your online portfolio keep up with your development

Jupiter gives you a full range of customizability to edit and adds content. So as you progress in your career, you can add and change the content within your portfolio to reflect the best of you with the passing of time. Give them what they want. Give them you.

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5 Tips & Shortcodes That Are Sure To Optimize Your Online WordPress Portfolio!
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