20 Newest WordPress Themes: June 2017 (TemplateMonster)

Newest WordPress Themes will strike your eye if you wish to create a modern and stylish webpage. If you run a business connected with accountancy, architecture design, business consulting, or insurance, you will want your website look authoritative. Owning a business that deals with personal life, styles and fashion, you will opt for a colorful and ingenious website. In case you are involved in medicine or beauty services, your choice will probably be a calm and soothing webpage. Whatever your company does, it is possible to select a template that reflects your interests, services, or projects.

In order to attract more people to your website, you will want your page to look unique. If you order a custom template that is designed especially for you, you will have to wait for some time and to pay for all the efforts of web designers, which will, actually, cost quite a lot. If your option is to save time and money, we encourage you to have a look at various ready-made templates. Does the fact that the template is ready-made make it unchangeable? No way. You are free to edit layouts, to choose color schemes, to add sidebars and posts in ready-made templates. It can take you some time to adjust the theme to your needs choosing from a variety of modules and editing elements, including fonts, but it is definitely worth the efforts. Your website will look exceptional and show your visitors what you aim to show.

A lot of people will browse your website, and they will use different devices to do that. However, there is no need for you to worry what device your visitors are using. All WordPress templates created by TemplateMonster are responsive. That means that they will look excellent both on the screen of a desktop computer and on a tablet or smartphone.

Another advantage of ready-made templates is the fact that they are thoroughly documented, so you will have step-by-step instructions to facilitate the process of installing your theme. It will not be difficult, no matter how much experience you have got. If you happen to face any troubles, there is always a 24/7 support team to solve your problems.

Now, consider these 20 newest WordPress themes by TemplateMonster.

Magic – Colorful Multifunctional WordPress Template

Magic - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

‘Magic' is a multipurpose template that allows you to create a webpage to meet any of your needs. The theme is suitable for online sales, as it includes WooCommerce Plugin. You may choose from more than 25 modules and easily customize the design of your page with Power builder. There are 4 Ready-to-use Skins and 7 Homepages to start creating your website. Live Customizer will let you see the changes you make without reloading your page, while Dashboard Plugin will backup all your changes not to lose them. Moreover, with Revolution Slider your images will acquire amazing visualization and animation effects.


ProCount – Business Accountant WordPress Template

Accounting WordPress Theme

The theme is appropriate for creating a website for a business accounting company. It is built with Power Drag-and-Drop Builder that allows you to easily edit and customize your page without changing any lines of code. It is possible to experiment with the page structure due to multiple layout options and 7 Header layouts included into the template. You can also adjust the design of your webpage with more than 500 integrated Google fonts. Various content modules and custom widgets let you add data of various types and enhance your site's functionality. Moreover, being Ecwid ready, the theme is suitable for creating online sores. Also, you will definitely enjoy the Booking Form that gives a possibility to stay in touch with your clients more easily.


QuickWind – Yachting WordPress Template

Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

A special feature of this theme is Cherry Team Member plugin that presents members of your team and provides your visitors with detailed information about them. A large variety of layouts and filter options allows you to present your projects, thus contributing to the general professional look of your site. Content Modules let you add multiple types of information, including buttons, images, pricing tables, contact forms and many more. Custom widgets help you increase your site's functionality and give you more ways to present your content. You can view all the changes you make without reloading the page due to Live Customizer. The structure and the code of the theme are optimized to reach the top of search results.


Dalton – Best Modern Hotel WordPress Template

Modern Hotel WordPress Theme

To create a successful website of a modern hotel, you can definitely use this stylish theme. You will benefit from various layouts to meet your desires. Moreover, there is a powerful Hotel Booking plugin designed for hotel business owners. Managing rooms, accepting payments, and displaying room details become an easy task with this plugin. On top of this, you have a possibility to create online menus and display them on your site with the help of shortcodes. The template is Ecwid ready, so you can create an online store in several minutes. Custom widgets, including social media widgets, will help you build a stronger online presence.


Fashionia – Fashion Magazine Responsive WordPress Template

Womens Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

This trendy colorful theme includes multiple layout options and в Header Layouts to choose from. Each element of design reflects latest web design trends, so you can impress your readers with a fashionable-looking site. Live Customizer makes the process of creating a webpage easier, as you do not have to reload the page while editing it. Also, an online store can be created within minutes, as the theme is Ecwid ready. Social networks integration, which is an important part of a fashionable magazine, is guaranteed due to various social media widgets. As the theme is SEO friendly, your site will always be on top of search results.


TrickleUp – E-book Landing WordPress Template

E-book Landing Page WordPress Theme

Power Drag-and-Drop Page Builder will allow you to take advantage of more than 25 modules to create an effective website. You can edit the page and customize its look due to an advanced set of configuration options. Moreover, the template is equipped with numerous Cherry plugins, among which you will find Cherry Testimonials, Cherry Team Members, Cherry Sidebars, and many more. Being able to add various types of data to the site, you may create an effective webpage to meet your needs. You can choose from 7 Header layouts and add multiple Custom widgets to your page. Calendar, Contact form, Countdown Timer and numerous other plugins will increase you website's functionality.


FastWay – Transport Company Responsive WordPress Template

Trucking WP Theme

You can experiment with various layouts, add your favourite ones to the built-in library, and customize your website without reloading the page with Live Customizer. You are able to add multiple types of content, including button, images, contact forms, etc. Cherry Projects will allow you to present a gallery of your project to the best advantage. At the same time, to strengthen your visitor's favourable impression, you can choose from a number of animation effects. In addition, you can add tags and categories to your data, thus giving a chance to your customers to find necessary information without any troubles. Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets will give you possibilities to present your data in various ways.


Prestige – Printing Shop Responsive WordPress Template

Digital Printing WordPress Theme

If you are about to create a website for a printing company, this template will be suitable for you. You are welcome to choose from multiple layout options to reflect your company's style. The process of editing and customizing your website is facilitated with the help of Power Drag-and-Drop Builder. Choose the types of data you want to present on your webpage, and add it to the site with numerous content modules. Each of the plugins adds to the functionality of your website and corresponds to the latest trends in web design. You will also organize your schedule and control your appointments with the help of Appointment Manager.


Bayden – Architecture and Exterior Design Responsive WordPress Template

Builder WordPress Theme

The theme includes multiple layouts and a library of presets to create an effective webpage. You can customize your website and choose the design you like without reloading your page with the help of Live Customizer. Various content modules let you display various types of data. Moreover, you can easily create a gallery of your projects and sort them into categories by adding tags. Cherry Projects will let you feel the easiness of creating a powerful project and the enhanced functionality of your site at the same time. Advanced functionality is also achieved with Custom widgets, including social media widgets.


Espero – Massage Therapy Salon Responsive WordPress Template

Massage WP Theme

This tender, yet powerful theme, will attract your attention if you wish to create a website for a massage salon. Choose from different layout options and 7 Header styles, and experiment with your webpage structure to craft a website to suit your needs. Content modules will let you add various types of data, so you may choose the way to improve your site's look and functionality. The site is Ecwid ready, which allows you to create an online store easily. Your customers will be thrilled with the possibility to keep in touch with you and create an appointment on your site due to the Booking Form. Custom widgets will help you emphasize the elements that you need and advance your website's effectiveness.


CamPhone – Smartphone Responsive WordPress Template

Electronics WP Theme

The theme, which is Ecwid ready, lets you easily create an online store. Choosing from more than 25 modules and a library of presets, you can customize your site with the help of Power Drag-and-Drop Builder. Furthermore, the template lets you add information of various types with the help of Content Modules. You can choose images, blog styles, contact forms, pricing tables and many more to extend your webpage's functionality. Social media widgets, that are a part of Custom Widgets, will help you stay in touch with your customers. In general, you are free to choose from various Cherry Plugins, including Cherry Projects, Cherry Search, Cherry Team Members, and others, to develop a webpage to suit your needs.


Guillermo – Personal Life Coach WordPress Template

Life Coach Training WordPress Theme

The stylish theme that features 7 Header layouts and numerous layout options will be appropriate for creating an efficient website. It is Ecwid ready, so developing an online store is just a matter of several minutes. Content modules and custom widgets will help you present various types of data in categories. Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets will increase your site's functionality. Moreover, you will save a lot of time with Appointment Manager that lets your customers book an appointment directly on your site. You can add elements, edit your page and customize your site easily, without reloading your page, with Live Customizer.


Dynasty – Reproduction Center Responsive WordPress Template

Human Reproduction WordPress Theme

Looking attractive and calm, the template is characterized by enormous functionality. You will enjoy the easiness of building a website with drag-and-drop options. Also, Cherry Services plugin will be extremely useful to present your services by adding customizable widgets and various posts with clear shortcodes. In addition, Cherry Team Members Plugin will let you effectively present information about people working for your company. Beautiful responsive galleries can be created and displayed in various layouts due to TM Gallery plugin. Another useful option is Cherry Search that allows your visitors to browse quick search results without leaving the page, thus making the search more comfortable.


BizACumen – Business Consultant WordPress Template

Consulting WP Theme

This fully responsive template designed by top industry leaders will not disappoint you if you wish to create a professional-looking business site. Multiple layout options and 7 Header styles let you edit the look and customize the elements of your website to suit your needs. With Content Modules, you are free to insert various kinds of data, presenting your information in multiple formats. The theme's functionality is supported by numerous Custom widgets, including social media widgets, to help you build a stronger online presence. Your clients will be glad to use Appointment Manager to book a meeting with you, without leaving your page. Live Customizer included into the template makes the process of editing your website a pleasant experience.


Car Protect – Insurance Company WordPress Template

Car Insurance WordPress Theme

To create a powerful website, you can choose from a large set of layout options and experiment with the page structure. Adding information of various types is possible due to Content Modules. Take advantage of different Custom Widgets, including social media widgets, to spread your information online. Moreover, Cherry Plugins that come in an ultimate pack will enhance your site's functionality. You can choose from Cherry Team Members, Cherry Testimonials, Cherry Projects, and other plugins to add to your webpage. You can also customize the way your site looks by choosing from more than 500 integrated Google fonts.


Apollo – Solar Batteries Company Responsive WordPress Template

Solar Energy Company WordPress Theme

Selecting from numerous layout and animation options, you can easily create a gallery of your projects, as the theme is equipped with Cherry Projects plugin. It is possible to filter your data and organize it into categories by adding tags. Presenting your services is not a difficult experience, either, with Cherry Services plugin. If you wish to add more sidebars to your page, you are free to use Cherry Sidebars plugin. Furthermore, your customers can benefit from using Cherry Search that lets them see the quick search results without leaving your page. The website will be SEO friendly, so it will stay on top of search results.


MarketOlogy – SEO Copywriting Agency Responsive WordPress Template

SEO Company WordPress Theme

Building a webpage is an easy and enjoyable experience as you use Power Drag-and-Drop Builder and Live Customizer. These features allow you to change the style of your website by suggesting more than 25 modules, a library of presets and a possibility to edit the page without reloading it. You do not have to worry that you will not be able to add information, as Content Modules allow you to present data of different types. It is probable to pick up Call to Action buttons, Contact Forms, Countdown Timers and other widgets on your webpage. Cherry plugins, such as Cherry Testimonials, Cherry Projects, Cherry Team Members, and many others improve your site's functionality.


Fitpress – Fitness and Sports WordPress Template

Fitness WP Theme

Attracting new clients to your gym will be possible when you create an impressive webpage with this theme. Multiple layout options and 7 Header layouts are crafted for your needs and desires. The theme is Ecwid ready, so you can include a store on your webpage in several minutes. Custom widgets enhance the site's functionality and offer you lots of ways to present your information. Moreover, social media widgets will let you stay in touch with the audience. Your clients will benefit a lot from your use of Timetable Plugin. It lets you create schedules for a single or multiple events, customizing the appearance of each event.


Bookit – Contemporary Hotel WordPress Template

Hotel WP Theme

This Ecwid ready template features multiple options of layouts to choose from. It includes 7 Header styles to make the page look unusual. The theme is equipped with numerous Cherry Plugins, so you can choose Cherry Projects, Cherry Testimonials, Cherry Team Members, and others to add to your website. Your data of various types can be presented in numerous Content Modules. Hotel Booking plugin will be extraordinary useful to manage your rooms, accept booking payments, and show your room details in different galleries. Furthermore, you may include Restaurant Menu plugin to display your hotel's menus.


Glossy Look – Fashionable Blog WordPress Template

Fashion Blogging WordPress Theme with Trendy Design

The theme belongs to the new generation of WordPress templates, thus giving more options for building a powerful webpage. It will be particularly suitable for creating an impressive blog. Take advantage of 7 Header layouts and multiple page layout options to create the site that will best reflect your style. You can also pick out different backgrounds and add sidebars with Sidenar Manager. With Custom widgets, you are able to add various types of post to increase the site's functionality. Impress your visitors with Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets that increase your online communication with clients.


Obviously, there is a wide variety of themes to choose from, so you have to think which template will suit your needs best. The specialists at TM Service Center are ready to help you transform your template into a powerful modern website. If you wish to find out more about the company, watch the video below.

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20 Newest WordPress Themes: June 2017 (TemplateMonster)
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