10 Tools to Turn Your WordPress Blog into Money Printing Machine

Are you having a hard time making money from your WordPress blog? After spending months planning and writing, it certainly is frustrating not to get anything in return for the effort. Don’t be discouraged, though. Turning a blog into a money-making machine requires using effective tools, and I’ll give them to you.

I have compiled a list of 10 great ones for you to help to monetize the blog. They are categorized for your convenience. Find the right one that brings money!

Monetization of Bounce Traffic


More than a half of visitors to your blog “bounces,” or simply leaves after browsing the first page they land on. It is the hard truth of the online business, and you have to do something about it.

Bounce Exchange

This is one of the most innovative products that helped millions of blogs to get more leads. Bounce Exchange is a tool that tracks the movement of the mouse in real time and detects when the visitor moves it to close the tab in the browser. Immediately, a pop-up window emerges that provides another opportunity to give email and other data in exchange for a discount, free product, or something else.

WP Bounce

Often, search engines fail to provide Internet users with relevant information. For example, a person looking to buy a vehicle may land on your WordPress blog with car reviews. Of course, this person will try to close the window and continue searching, but WP Bounce ensures that he or she is not leaving without anything. This software recognizes the failure of the search engine, pulls and displays relevant offers of cars, say from Amazon (with your affiliate code).

In addition to this great function, it also offers in-depth analytics, CTR, and stats.



If you need to determine how visitors of your WordPress blog are interacting with the elements on the pages, check out the tools in this category. They will assist you with making the layout and design more effective and user-friendly.

Mouse Flow

If many visitors are leaving the blog, the revenues are low. If you’re done guessing why they leave, try Mouse Flow. This tool allows to see the behavior of the visitors in real time and create a heatmap where you can identify what’s interesting for them on your blog. As the result, you gain an insight into the behavior of potential customers and leads and create a more effective layout.

Crazy Egg

This option is also great for understanding how visitors interact with your WordPress blog and improving their experience. It provides a comprehensive information about the potential customers, thus allowing you to make changes on the blog and remove the elements that aren’t working.

Content Creation

Admission Service

The visitors may also leave the blog if they find text uninteresting. Admission Service specializes in writing effective texts suitable for attracting the viewers’ attention by giving a relevant advice and offering other helpful information. By using this tool, bloggers can also forget about other text-related revenue-killers, such as grammar and punctuation mistakes College papers is another recommended tool for those who wants to protect their blog posts and essays from plagiarism issue or to order an original high-quality content.


Long gone are the days when content creation was a difficult task. With Easel.ly, for example, creating infographics is an extremely easy and effective. The website has thousands of templates to choose from, so your blog would always feature something new and exciting.

Ad Servers

These are the tools that enable to show and manage ads on the blog.


This is one of the most popular ad servers out there. It allows the users to have all control over the ads that are displayed on your blog as well select tags relevant to your content. Plus, ADTECH is also useful for tracking performance of ads.


Oasis is built to take care of hundreds of thousands of ad impression per hour, thus allowing a publisher to manage all advertising components. Another reason that makes it very popular today is its open-source design.

Affiliate Marketing

The tools below are great for those bloggers who feature product reviews because they allow to join affiliate marketing programs and receive money every time a blog visitor purchases the product.


Using this one is easy: just visit the website, find the product or service relevant to the content on your blog, and add links. ShareASale has been in the affiliate marketing for more than seventeen years and they have many options for bloggers.


This global Internet retailer is very popular among bloggers and online marketers because it has a wide variety of products and service to choose from. Moreover, the commission for the purchases is pretty decent, which is perfect for you if you want to start making good money right away. The system also generates reports with stats that show high-performing products.


If you’re looking for effective money-making tools for your blog, I am positive that these ones are perfect for the task. Consider the options and select the best fit for your online business!

10 Tools to Turn Your WordPress Blog into Money Printing Machine
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