10 SEO & Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know

Having great content is essential to keep your audience interested and your readers engaged. If your content isn’t original and interesting, then any likes, shares, clicks or email lists you were hoping to achieve will never materialize. 

However, content isn’t everything. Without fueling your SEO and focusing on your ranking and presence online, then your potential audience may never come across your wonderful content.

Your posts will just be sat among the thousands of millions of webpages currently available online, and none of the goals you set when you started marketing online will be realized. Fortunately, there are several tips and tools available that can benefit both your SEO and your content – and once these two important aspects of online marketing are dealt with, your brand can grow rapidly.

01. Be Innovative

There are thousands of businesses trying to market their content online, so you need something to make yours special. Whether that involves webinars, contests, vlogs, or exciting guests, you need to be memorable and not simply re-wording the same spiel that your competitors are using.

02. Don’t Be Too Pushy

When you’re marketing online, you’re taking up a person’s free time, and they can very easily choose to close your post and move on to someone else. This will be the case if you are aggressively advertising yourself, rather than persuasively relaying the benefits they could receive from becoming a customer.

03. Outsource Writing and Editing When Necessary

Taking your marketing strategy online is a full-time, constant commitment. Producing high quality and engaging content, of the right length to fuel SEO, and the perfect proportion and placement of keywords to improve your ranking is a steep commitment.

This is normally too much to be added to someones existing workload. It’s also very common for businesses to hire people with specific skills, and those skills may not lie in writing blog posts. For all of these reasons, it can be a sound business decision to outsource content writing, or even simply outsource editing, to an external third party.

There are several places to find such a person. If you want one person to do all of your work, and hire them after an interview process, then Upwork or Freelancer

If you’re looking for maximum efficiency and just want to make sure that your work is sent to an expert writer, you can select the service you’re looking for quickly and easily on UK Writings or Big Assignments. You can also find people to edit or proofread your content if you want to make sure you’re voice is clear in all of the posts.


04. Use Online Editing Tools

If you do write your posts yourself, then you will have the most success if your post is well-written. Ensuring your grammar, spelling, and syntax is perfect simply generates a good impression of your business. 

Whereas sloppy writing indicates a poorly ran business, that does not pay attention to details. You can find some great guides on writing with Academized, and you can ensure that your content is optimized for SEO by being around 2000 words by checking on your posts with Easy Word Count and your headlines by Headline Analyzer.

headline analyzer


05. Make Some Investments

One of the main drawing points of social media marketing is the fact that it is a low cost or free platform. However, by making some small daily investments into Facebook ads, you could get massive returns regarding followers, and views of your posts. This is an incredibly popular option, and has additional benefits, as the more people like your page, the more people can see it so that a small investment can ripple into huge effects.



06. Picture Your Audience

Whether you’re providing a product or service, you should be able to picture your ideal client. Make a persona around them, and whenever you write, you should bear them in mind. Write to them, including questions in your content to make the conversation feel like it’s going both ways.

Appeal to their interests and desires, and make yourselves a good option – don’t just write yourself a glowing review.

07. Explore Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a really good way to expand your audience. Whether you’re reaching new potential clients by guest blogging on somebody else’s website, or you’re bringing in a guest and benefiting from their audience coming to your page, there is no downside.

By appearing on another site, or bringing in people who back up your message, you establish yourself as an authority – which legitimizes your content. Having external links to your website will improve your SEO – so this is a win-win.

08. Spend Time On Your Opening

Your title and first line need to be catchy and include a killer hook to engage your reader. With so many pages of content on the web, if your headline doesn’t stand out, then there is very little chance that your readers will pick it out from the other titles that will appear on their Google search.

A solid headline can lead to your post being opened. And good introduction is necessary if you want your reader to stick around to the end.

09. Understand Formatting

Certain formats are more preferable to search engine algorithms and SEO. This means that you should aim to write in short sentences and paragraphs, include your keywords in your opening line and subheadings. And include lists or bullet points too.

While this doesn’t have to be uniform in every single post, it’s worth bearing in mind when you’re putting content together and trying to make it SEO friendly.

10. Be Smart With Content

While certain issues might be topical, a piece that will always be relevant will likely bring you readers for years after it is first posted. ‘Evergreen’ content can bring in new readers with existing content, which is always great and will improve your SEO by having such a popular piece. Series of posts rather than one-off articles can also help bringing readers back to your site on a regular basis.

To summarize: nothing can automatically create great content. However, applying the above tips to your awesome content can make sure they are noticed by all of your potential clients and customers.

10 SEO & Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know
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  • Nice Article but I feel it is lacking SEO benefits. Summing up it leads to a relevant quality content written for specific audience.

    Before writing an SEO friendly article keyword research is necessary so that it ranks on some keywords.

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