10 Best WordPress Tab Plugins

This article contains a list of some of the best WordPress tab plugins available in the market. These plugins will make creating clean, responsive and structured tabs to your WordPress pages and posts or withing your pages, posts and custom post content absolutely easy.

With these amazing plugins, you can present your content in a tabbed style without much of an effort. All the plugins in this collection are very easy to customize and you can create an unlimited number of tabs within your WordPress site.

By presenting your content in a tabbed style, you can make it easier for your visitors to grab a lot of information with convenience, without overwhelming them with all that you want to share. And more than that, you make them stay on your site for longer. So let us have a look at the plugins that can help you with this task.

Best WordPress Tab Plugins

WP Tab Widget

This is an ultra-light plugin that can help you create perfect tabs on your site. With a list of advanced features, this plugin is absolutely easy to handle. All you need to do is to install and configure the widget and you are all set to create neat and organized tabs on your blog. It comes with an inbuilt Pagination System and loads only when you ask it to.

You can have full control over it and set the number of tabs that you want and even the number of posts that would be showing at a time. You also have the option to choose between the Popular, Recent, Comments, Tags tab etc. This plugin like all modern plugins is super responsive across different devices.

This plugin is a free one and once downloaded can be used on an unlimited number of sites. It is SEO friendly and has been beautifully optimized for speed.


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Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs is another free plugin, that is fully translatable that comes with good support. You can use this plugin to add beautifully tabbed contents to your site and go on with customization as per your taste. You can choose your favorite color, a breakpoint and even re-order them at any time and display them anywhere with a simple shortcode.

Users have liked this plugin and has acclaimed it for the easy with which it can be handled.

Responsive Tabs

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Tabby Responsive Tabs

This is a greatly loved plugin that has bagged awesome ratings from its users. You can use this plugin to create some amazing fonts on your blog. It uses semantic header and Content markup and supports multiple sets of tabs on the same page.

The plugin has no admin panel, and you should be able to customize how the tabs display on your site by replacing the built-in CSS rules with a customized version. It comes with awesome support too that you will absolutely love.

Tabby Responsive Tabs

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Ultimate Blocks

This multi-purpose Gutenberg Blocks plugin can help you add tabbed content on your WordPress posts or pages. Other than the ‘Tabbed Content’ block, it has more than 15 blocks to add more functionalities in Gutenberg Editor.

It’s very easy to use. Once you’ve activated the plugin, all you need to do is insert the ‘Tabbed Content’ block to your post or page. Then, you can edit the tab name and the content. You can also change the tab color.

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Easy Responsive Tab

With Easy Responsive Tabs you can add responsive bootstrap 3.0 tabs in your pages, post and custom post in simplest and the easiest manner. You can create as many numbers of tabs as you want with just a single click. The tinyMCE editor icon of the plugin makes creating tabs easy, quick and very very simple.

The plugin is loaded with tons of useful and modern features that make thing fun for you. You can customize every bit of the plugin with ease and even choose whether or not to make your tabs responsive.

Easy Responsive Tabs

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Wonder plugin

This is another brilliant plugin that surely deserves to be on our list of Best Tab Plugins.  Using this plugin you can create tabbed content with HTML code, or create tabs from existing WordPress pages. The plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions above 3.6.

This plugin too offers you great possibilities to customize your tabs. It is thoroughly responsive across devices and looks equally stunning on all sorts of devices.


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WordPress Post Tabs

This plugin makes creating and adding clean, structured tabs to your site. You can do all of these from your admin panel itself. You also have the options of adding Embed YouTube, Vimeo videos, Tables inside your Tab Content Area.

This tab does not put any limitation on the number of tabs you can add so you can add as many tabs you want on your site. You can also enable or disable page reloads on tab clicks.

WordPress Post Tabs

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Tabber Villa

Tabber Villa is another brilliant option for anyone looking for a plugin to add tabs to their site. With 12+ fancy Preloaded Skins, Image as Tab Title, QuickTag Buttons, Nested Tabs and more, this plugin is ultra responsive across devices. Its powerful codes make the plugin highly optimized for search engines. You can set your creativity in action and customize it to change color and style it to make it look gorgeous.

Tabber Villa comes with great support and you can you can easily get in touch with the support team anytime you need assistance.

Tabber Villa

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Xpert Tabs

This is a shortcode builder that allows you to present your content in a tabbed manner. You can visualize your input and the front end look from the back end. So if you want modifications done you can easily do it from the backend. It also offers you with numerous tab styles and you can create limitless tabs for your content.

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Squelch Tabs

Squelch Tabs can be a very good source to help you improve your blog by giving it a structure with its awesome tabbed style of presenting content. Squelch is a super responsive highly customizable, modern plugin that is very neatly coded and well developed. It is packed with tons of advanced features that will make your blog function superbly awesome.

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

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Responsive Tabs Pro

Responsive Tabs Pro is a great source that can help you fragment large content in bits. Sometimes you may have too many things to share with your visitors. This plugin makes it easier for you to present it to your readers in  a hassle-free and structured manner. You can integrate your tabs with social media too. It has tons of styling options that can help you generate awesome results with just a little use of your creativity.

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10 Best WordPress Tab Plugins
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  • Roland

    As far as i know content hidden behind tabs is bad for seo as google devalues it. Google wants important content to show on pageload. Therefore a tab plugin in which all content shows in the first tab box with a scroller and the tabs function as anchor links activating scroll to the relevant section, may be ideal for seo. I dont know if such a tab plugin exists..

  • Hi Roland,
    Sometimes the presentation is more important than other parameters, and many authority sites uses the tab feature quite effectively. Specially if you want to create an FAQ section these tab plugins can be really helpful.

  • The author used that term based on the loading speed and other functionality of the plugin.

    There is a n argument about this topic in teh SEO forums, teh search engines still can see the content under tab but ignores I guess. And yes, many people reported drop in search traffic after moving content under tab.